Environmental Auditing & Risk Assessments

Environmental Auditing

We are Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) accredited environmental auditors; Lead Auditors in ISO 14001 and ISO 50001; and subcontract our auditing services to certification bodies such as BSI.

An Environmental or Energy Management System requires regular auditing in order to satisfy certification requirements. We can act as an ‘internal auditor’ and deliver audits on your behalf – related to any of the Standard clauses, your processes or your departments. This not only helps with maintaining the impartiality of your internal audits, but also helps drive your continual improvement as we can share with you best practice.

Environmental Audit
Environmental Audit - waste

Waste Audit

Waste is a valuable resource in the wrong place. A waste audit will help you to identify how to minimise your waste streams – effectively resulting in cost savings. By focusing on not producing the waste in the first place; identifying materials that can be re-used; and promoting recycling, we can help you to eliminate your need for landfill sites – the most costly means of disposal.

Our consultants are currently working with organisations to introduce circular economy principles into business processes – retaining valuable materials within the organisation. Please get in touch to find out more.

Environmental Risk Assessments

We undertake a number of “risk assessment” activities for our clients. Read on to find our most popular:

Environmental Impact Assessment – understanding your impact on the environment and the impact the environment can have on your organisation. A key element of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, but also of increasing interest to stakeholders and investors as part of risk management due diligence.

Climate Change Risk Assessments – what are the risks and opportunities for your organisation associated with the changing climate? An area of growing interest for those asked to make Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and increase the transparency around potential business disruption.

Materiality Assessment – what social and environmental topics matter most to your organisation and your stakeholders? As a key element of developing a Sustainability Strategy a materiality assessment will help you to prioritise what issues, risk or opportunities, you should be focusing your efforts.

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