ESL Welcomes Student Jess Peers

ESL recently hosted Jess Peers, Environmental Management student from The University of Manchester. It was a pleasure to showcase what our consultants do day-to-day at ESL, and hopefully we encouraged Jess to pursue a career in our field! Read her blog post below……..

Doing my placement at ESL was an invaluable experience! It was so interesting to be able to learn about ISO 14001, 50001 and 9001 in meetings with their clients and really helped me understand how internal audits worked. Through being in these meetings, I also was able to fully grasp the different scopes of carbon, something we had touched on at university but never delved into.

Throughout the 2 weeks, I was able to join Sean on three energy audits which was brand new to me, I found these very interesting especially the one in Selby Abbey. I found the tasks set by Sean and Helen such as recommendations from the Selby Abbey audits and writing up the split data were extremely useful as they challenged me to be thorough and critical.

Emma was extremely helpful allowing me to sit in on meetings and introducing me to the frameworks, standards and carbon calculations they work with, and I found it extremely interesting when we went to Ideal Heating for their sustainability forum and Emma gave me a tour of their facilities.

Overall, I had an amazing 2 weeks at ESL and they could not have been more helpful with my university work, ensuring I had an interesting and varied experience that supported my write up report. I gained so much new knowledge surrounding consulting and it has assured me that it is definitely the career path I’ll have in mind when I graduate! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at ESL, Thankyou!

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