Heating Energy Saving Checklist for Winter

If you’re responsible for the energy in your building and pressed for time here is a quick fix checklist to set you up for the Winter.

  1. Eliminate draughts. Draughts are one of the primary causes of complaints because they make people uncomfortable. Consider addressing the source of these before adjusting the heating system.  And if you can’t find the source, you can use thermal imaging to help you locate it.
  2. Have the settings on your heating system been updated or checked recently?  Do you know what time it will be switching on and off and the temperature settings? Check and adjust these to make sure they are relevant for your building’s current operating hours.
  3. Have you switched off your cooling air conditioning units? Make sure all cooling air conditioning units are switched off once the heating season begins otherwise you will have heating and cooling fighting against in other.
  4. Get your boiler and heating system serviced regularly. Has your boiler and heating system been serviced in the last year? A regular service is essential to ensure safety and efficiency.
  5. Close Windows. Keep an eye out for open windows during the heating season. This is a clear sign of a problem with overheating

If you would like further details on reducing energy use in other areas of your building or process, please get in touch.

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