January Tips for your Home

You don’t need a thermal survey to tell you that this home has issues with moisture! It’s a bit of an extreme photograph, but you get the idea – moisture in homes is bad!  In these cold months it’s important that proper precautions are taken, as the weather can cause serious discomfort and may have expensive repercussions.  Follow our 3 important tips, and if you have any queries, please give us a call.

  1. Keep your home ventilated. Condensation can be a real problem in cold weather, as it can lead to mould and other damage to the property.  When cooking, keep a window or door open to make sure that warm air is properly circulated.  Don’t cover radiators to dry your clothes – use a clothes horse or drying rack and make sure the room you dry in is well ventilated.
  2. Bleed the radiators. A great way to warm up your property is to bleed the radiators. This releases any trapped air, allowing hot water to fill every part of your radiator and warm your home more efficiently.
  3. Clear gutters and drainpipes. It is important to keep gutters and drainpipes clear and free of cracks to prevent overflows and water damage to the walls.
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