New thermal camera in action

November has proved to be a busy month for our new thermal camera – from helping home owners improve the thermal comfort of their homes, to showing off its features at an Investors in the Environment event.The FLIR T620 has the highest pixel resolution available in the market, can detect changes in surface temperature as small as 0.04˚C, and can analyse objects from -40˚C to 650˚C.  It is perfect for diagnosing problems in high heat manufacturing processes, aging plant, and a whole range of building types including warehouses, cold stores, offices and homes.

Each on site survey is followed by a comprehensive, fully analysed report of the survey findings to help you make decisions on what course of action to take first.

As one client Mr Heath commented, “Have just viewed your report.  Very impressive and shows me, and eventually my builder, areas where I can improve insulation.”

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