We have worked with GB-Bio Ltd for a number of years to help them realise their opportunities in developing a 22MW biomass co-incineration plant at Tan Sterne. Tan Sterne Biomass uses innovative combustion, heat recovery and power module technology to produce electricity from renewable and waste sources. The project won the “Best Renewable Energy Project or Installation in the Humber Area” prize at the Humber Renewables Awards 2017.

Prior to completion, ESL’s specific role was to:

  • Assist with alternative input biofuel assessments.
  • Assess possible waste heat use from the steam process.
  • Assist in identifying and appointing key contractors.
  • Project managing 66kv grid connection.

Since completion we continue to support GB-Bio Ltd with:

  • Management of their Environmental Permit.
  • Environmental Agency regulatory reporting.
  • Advising on waste management practises.
  • Development of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

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