Our thermal imaging cameras convert infrared radiation emitted from an object’s surface into a visual picture so that we can effectively ‘see’ heat. It has multiple uses where identifying and comparing a temperature difference over an area is important.

It allows us to visualise heat loss, source air/water leaks, identify missing insulation and detect potential mechanical faults. It is particularly useful when assessing the energy efficiency of heat-based processes.

Thermal Imaging Survey Hull / Yorkshire
Thermal Heat Loss Survey Hull / Yorkshire

For every application either a qualitative or a quantitative survey can be commissioned. A qualitative survey identifies possible problems in a surface or object by analysing the thermal patterns. For many applications locating the problem is enough, for example highlighting areas of missing insulation. However a quantitative survey can be utilised to determine how serious the problem is i.e. what is the exact temperature and therefore how soon does it need rectifying.

Our thermographer can discuss with you the type of survey you require. Please see our sections on buildings, defect detection and M&E for further details.