Our thermographic surveys allow operating conditions and mechanical fatigue to be analysed during production. Overheating, misalignment, liquid levels and temperature readings can all be made accurately and quickly with a thermal inspection. This is particularly useful for monitoring the condition of motors to ensure they are operating efficiently and safely.

The condition of pipe, tube and valve insulation can be easily analysed using thermal imaging. All types of leakage, blocked pipes and faulty insulation will clearly show up without having to check each pipe individually – saving you time and resources.

In addition, a thermography can be used to assess the feasibility of heat recovery from a process. We can then help you realise the potential for any energy savings.

Critical in mechanical thermography is that the survey does not interrupt production – the processes must be running to gain accurate readings.

Mechanical Thermography Survey
Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey


Thermal imaging allows you to measure the temperature of any object without making contact. Through scanning electrical components, wires and multiple connections our thermal surveys can highlight potential problem areas and provide an instant picture of the heat in your electrical systems. Real time information ensures safe and efficient maintenance can be planned – saving you time and money.

Benefits of thermal imaging for condition monitoring:

  • Non-invasive;
  • Quick and instant images;
  • Visual image of temperature differences;
  • Non-contact;
  • No downtime required;
  • Easy to understand reports.

Additional condition monitoring applications:

Thermal Survey - Solar Panel Array Maintenance

Solar panel array maintenance

Thermal Imaging survey - Wind turbine maintenance

Wind turbine maintenance

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