Insurance Requirements

Insurance Requirements

Conducting an annual thermal survey of your plant, motors and electrical boards can help reduce your insurance premiums as you are able to identify preventative maintenance requirements and monitor the condition of equipment over time, for potential fault development. This reduces not only risks but also your costs.

We regularly provide reports for insurance companies on the thermal characteristics of their customer’s motors and electrical boards – reducing the risk of an incident and a claim.

Defect Detection

There are many occasions when an infrared thermal survey is extremely useful in assessing a building’s thermal performance post-construction:

  • Providing quality assurance of the works completed;
  • Illustrating performance of the building fabric;
  • Identifying defects in the building envelope;
  • Diagnosis of cold spots or cold rooms within a newly built or refurbished structure.

In addition a thermal imaging survey can be used to identify the source of water leaks, water ingress, damp and issues with underfloor heating pipes.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs. Not all issues may require a thermographic survey and we will be able to help you logically problem solve to identify the best course of action

Renovation Projects

An infrared survey can help you prioritise where to spend your budget on a renovation project to improve the buildings’ thermal comfort. Identifying where the greatest areas of heat loss are from the building will tell you which areas require refurbishment first and whether you need to focus on insulation, draught proofing or ventilation.

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