Buildings & BREEAM


Our thermographic surveys can provide extremely useful information about the thermal properties of your building. A thermal survey can be conducted to establish:

  • Water leaks – location of breaches on water pipes, faults and leaks in under-floor heating systems;
  • Damp – water ingress, sources of damp, leaks in flat roofs;
  • Thermal Continuity – missing or ineffective insulation;
  • Thermal Bridging – areas where poor insulating materials come into contact and cause heat loss from the building;
  • Air Infiltration – draughts into the building that cause discomfort for occupants;
  • Air Leakage – air escaping the building that wastes energy;
  • Wasted Energy – insulation levels and air circulation in boiler and server rooms;
  • Energy Efficiency – becoming the most popular type of thermal survey as it identifies heat loss and therefore where the biggest energy cost-savings can be made.

At Environmental Strategies Ltd we recognise that every customer has different reasons for commissioning a thermal survey, whether it is for your home or your place of business. We offer no obligation quotes on all our services as standard. We ensure that we understand your project plans to provide you with the maximum value from your infrared thermal survey.

BREEAM Assessment Survey - Thermal Imaging


When project planning to achieve higher BREEAM ratings, one credit (Man01) can be gained by including a post-construction thermographic survey of the building fabric. The thermal survey must be undertaken in accordance with appropriate standards and by a professional holding a valid Level 2 certificate in thermography. The survey focusses on continuity of insulation, excessive thermal bridging and air leakage paths.

All our thermographic surveys are completed by our Level 2 ISO18436 Certified Thermographer and to the current British standards. For a free, no obligation quote, please contact us.